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by Sherry Lin, MFA, RDN

I help driven students and professionals fuel their body so they can sustain doing what they love to their highest ability!


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Sherry Lin - Dietitian and Dancer

Hey, I'm Sherry!

Dietitian, Dancer & Avid Food Lover!

My journey into "Rhythm and Nutrition" began when I was burnt out from over-working and dancing and fell asleep behind the wheel, causing a minor car accident in 2016.
THANK GOD, no one was hurt, but I knew in that moment that something had to change...
had to change.

I began combining my nutrition knowledge with my passion for dance to help myself and others experience a deeper, more holistic connection in mind, body, spirit, & community. 

I completed my bachelor's degree in nutritional science at the University of Illinois at Chicago and received my Master's in Fine Arts in Dance through the University of Michigan.
With 12 years of professional experiences in dance and nutrition, my mission is to help business and creative professionals rediscover their rhythm to a fulfilling & enjoyable lifestyle!

Our Clients Say


Michela M.

International Movement Artist

"I just feel like a whole new person! I have more energy. I feel better. I can get more stuff done as well. Also I noticed that my muscle recovery got faster and even like bruises that I would get from rehearsals were healing fast. So I'm very happy about that!"


Sheer A.

Actress, Writer, Teacher, Mover

"Sherry is more than a nutritionist, and the sessions are not your typical 'do this to achieve that' type of sessions, but more like a conversation about your relationship with food and your body. While my relationship with my body (as well as food) still has a long way to go, I feel a lot more informed, aware and in-tune with my hunger cues. And for the first time since I was a teenager, I actually listen to my body when it needs nourishment. Thank you!"


David F.

IT Manager, Dancer

 "The portion of the program, which I was really in tuned with, really helped me get together small meals I can have that don't take much prep time, which was the major reason why I was not prepping anything.

Now, my energy levels in the morning are really good. I'm not as groggy. I know when it was time to eat lunch, and then that set me up really well for a dance class at four or five."



I help beginner dancers come out of their shells, feel comfortable and confident in their bodies again, and connect with others in meaningful ways!

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I help driven students and professionals fuel their bodies so they can sustain doing what they love to their highest ability!


- Sports & Performance Nutrition

- Eating Disorder Recovery

- Medical Nutrition Therapy


I engage participants through interactive nutrition seminars in the context of their schools, studios, companies, and campuses!

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Take the first step towards a healthier you with a free discovery call. During the call, we’ll get to know each other and discuss your wellness goals. We’ll also explain our process and how we can help you achieve your goals through personalized nutritional plans and support. Don’t wait, schedule your call today and start your journey towards a healthier, happier version of you.

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Introduction | Sherry Lin, RDN

Introduction | Sherry Lin, RDN
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Introduction | Sherry Lin, RDN

Introduction | Sherry Lin, RDN

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Sherry Performance Reel

Sherry Performance Reel

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"Can't stop the feeling!" - Justin Timberlake | Choreography by Sherry Lin, RDN

"Can't stop the feeling!" - Justin Timberlake | Choreography by Sherry Lin, RDN

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