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"Balanced snacks" Food List

If you're a competitive dancer or athlete, or someone looking to improve their metabolism or digestion, it's important to add a snack during any gap of time >3 hours between meals. Here's a FREE guide on how to build a balanced snack!

Image by Laura Ohlman

"Yummy Bone" Calcium-Rich
Foods List

Did you know your body only absorb about 30% of the calcium found in dairy? Here's a FREE list of calcium-rich foods with "bioavailability" calculated for you!

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"Plant-Based" Protein Sources

Here's a FREE list of plant-based protein sources. Talk with a dietitian or nutritionist to learn ways to meet your specific daily needs!

Image by Maksim Shutov

"Body acceptance" journaling prompts

If you're having a hard time LOVING your body, that's TOTALLY OK! Here are some helpful questions to consider to see if you can move toward feeling more neutral or accepting of your body. Download these journaling prompts for FREE and let me know how reflecting on these questions impact your body image. 

Image by Billie
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